Fair Oaks Old Town Renovation

Have you ever been to Saratoga? Or Los Gatos, the Santa Cruz Pacific Garden Mall, or the alphabet district in Portland Oregon. Think of the way these places made you feel. With their eclectic mix of shops providing hand made crafts, kitchen supplies, bicycle/hiking shops sprinkled with just the right mix of culinary offerings ranging from Italian to Mediterranean to great brew pubs. Some outdoor patio seating to provide a nice summer evening walkabout with a family friendly environment. This is what I’ve always seen happening some day in the Old Town of Fair Oaks.
I always like to tell the story a friend of mine shared with me awhile back about when he was walking out of the hardware store in Fair Oaks and there was a younger woman walking out in front of him with a man presumed to be her father. “What’s the name of this place” he asked.
“This is the Old town of Fair Oaks.” She replied. After a quick glance down the street the man said “This is the worst looking old town I’ve ever seen.”
I have a vision of a great place with a warm old town welcome feeling and I think Fair Oaks has all the potential. However I think it would take some whole hearted commitment and creative thinking by pro-active people who know how to make things happen. I would love to be instrumental in the process. I thought this might be a good place to start. Just to throw it out there and see what comes back. I have some ideas to share and I would like to hear yours.

What to Expect From Your New Home

After reading this article,(link below), by John Lemon in Fine Home Building Magazine,  I immediately clipped  and made several copies and declared it a must read for all of my clients. The article was published in 1999 and maintains a spot in my job completion folder to this day. This is a comprehensive overview of some of the things that can be expected after moving into your new home or remodel and how to handle them.

” Now that the punchlist is completed and the troops have departed I want to wish you luck in your new home”

Click here to read the .PDF

The Trend Toward Smaller Homes.

I keep hearing about trends with prospective homes buyers being more inclined to buy smaller homes these days. Is this really a preference or just a result of our economic conditions. A little of both I’m sure. This trend may also be the result of the “green push” being so prominent in the government agenda. The desire to conserve energy. Another important factor could be all of the baby boomers becoming “empty nesters” thereby decreasing the need for larger homes. What are your thoughts? Bigger with more amenities or smaller, more function oriented plans? Here’s an interesting article I found on the subject. http://bit.ly/cFD75B

Researching Haiti Rebuilding Opportunities

I’ve recently begun researching opportunities available in the Haitian relief efforts. Realizing that the actual rebuilding is  a little ways down the road I wanted to stay on top of any opportunities that may become available. I was hoping to share some ideas here on how I/We might get involved. Architecture for Humanity‘s web site has a lot of valuable information on this topic and I will continue to monitor their efforts. If anyone knows of any positions available for people like me I would love to hear about it. I have 30+ years experience building custom homes and remodeling with  18 years experience designing with various cad programs including Autodesk Autocad Architecture and Revit. I am a Certified Green Building Professional and willing to relocate.