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Are You Really Ready to Remodel?

Contract Negotiations What to Expect
Although most of the content of this writing can be considered universal in almost all remodel projects, bear in mind that not all information herein is to be taken as “written in stone”.

As a 30 year Residential Contractor, I find that there are a handful of very important procedures that are taken far too lightly by homeowners who are prospecting remodels and new home construction.
The following are some of the steps that should be taken in the proper order to assure a smooth and seamless project.

Do your homework
There is a lot of due diligence that can be done prior to searching out your Project Contractor. Some of the things that need to be researched are; Continue reading Are You Really Ready to Remodel?

Our latest Master Suite Makeover

We’ve just completed another master suite makeover that we wanted to share with you.
The project scope of work included removing a wall between the dressing area and bathroom to make a larger Master Bath complete with new cabinets, plumbing fixtures, counter tops lighting and tile.
Removing the carpet in the bedroom area exposed a beautiful oak floor which was re-finished. We also added new lighting fixtures n the bedroom, baseboards and a fresh coat of paint.
Watch the video of the completed project here-

Is ROI the most important influencing factor for your prospective remodel?

If it is I’m afraid I have some bad news. According to the latest report published in the mainstream consumer media, CnnMoney.com, in it’s analysis of the 2010 Remodeling Cost vs. value survey.

“In general, anyone planning a home remodeling will pay a lot more for the job than they will get back in return when they sell. Only 60% of remodeling costs in 2010 would be recouped by homeowners, the report said.”

It seems that the payback on most remodeling projects will not yield the returns of years past.
So maybe it’s a good time to re-think the value of ROI in a broader perspective. The big picture might go beyond hoping the expense of the project can be recouped in the sale.

Consider, for example, the value of having the kitchen that is custom tailored and built to suit your specific needs. Or the master suite you’ve always dreamed of with the jacuzzi tub and dual shower heads. The advantages of a healthier indoor air and living quality for you and your family when investing in green products. The value of the relationships you’ve built over the years with your neighbors and the amenities you’ve grown accustomed to.
When considering the option of moving to a home “more suitable” to your needs, we need to factor in the expense of moving with real estate fees, actual moving expense, the unknowns of new neighborhoods, etc.
Another thing that should be taken into consideration is the fact that most people end up doing a substantial remodel on their new homes within 12 months of moving in.

So, do we go ahead and spend the money knowing the return might not be there? Spend the money on something that will produce a better return? Or do we opt instead for “greener pastures”?

Click Here for more on the survey.

What to Expect From Your New Home

After reading this article,(link below), by John Lemon in Fine Home Building Magazine,  I immediately clipped  and made several copies and declared it a must read for all of my clients. The article was published in 1999 and maintains a spot in my job completion folder to this day. This is a comprehensive overview of some of the things that can be expected after moving into your new home or remodel and how to handle them.

” Now that the punchlist is completed and the troops have departed I want to wish you luck in your new home”

Click here to read the .PDF