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The Davis Project

This is a project we did a few years ago for Oliver and Patsy Davis.
One Sunday morning I read this story in the local paper about an elderly couple in Sacramento who had been scammed by an unlicensed contractor.
After taking all of the money they had to fix up their distressed home, in excess of $170,000, he disappeared leaving them with a destroyed house and no money left.
I couldn’t stop thinking about how wrong this was and someone needed to help.
So I began making phone calls and sending out emails and eventually got in contact with the local Rebuilding Together organization who was able to recruit other organizations like the Bayside Church in Granite Bay, and State of BEing.
We were able to collaboratively secure labor help and donations and a year and a half later they were able to move in.
Thank You so much Cindy Slagter and Rebuilding Together Sacramento, My Friends forever Mandy Snell, James and Brenda Bufford, from State of BEing, Dave Coburn and the Bayside Church, Senator Ted Gaines.
And all of the generous people who donated their time and money to get this horrible tragedy turned around.
Oliver Davis has since passed. May he rest in Peace.