Checking for a Pulse

I was just reading an article on about certain jobs that have gone by the wayside likely never to return. We all know that this recession has certainly taken it’s toll on the construction industry and the road to recovery will be long. The American consumer needs to take the responsibility do their part to help this economy recover. Among other things, we need to buy American made products and quit pumping our dollars into China, India, Taiwan, and other foreign countries.

The same principal goes for choosing  the people who provide services like Contractors. Choosing people who are unlicensed may save you money in the short term and then again it may not. What I’ m seeing happening all around me is consumers choosing unprofessional service providers who have no workers comp or liability insurance. Thereby minimizing any recourse they may have if anything goes wrong. I’m seeing competitors bid jobs at prices that won’t even cover materials. I’ve been asked a couple times in the last 6 months to take over jobs that have been abandoned by the very same people who under bid me. The irony about all this- these people want to brag about how much money they saved by hiring the guy who came in at half everyone else’s price and then, when they end up with an inferior product or their job is abandoned, they are quick to bash contractors for being flakes, crooks, or incompetents.

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