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The Breaking Point

We all have those nagging little things about our homes that we would like to change and sooner or later we reach the breaking point where we just can’t take it anymore.
That’s the best part about my job. Being able to make those annoying little things go away.
How many of you have that odd shaped living room that, no matter how you move things around, you just can’t make it feel right. That disproportionate configuration or stepped down floor in just the wrong spot. Or that kitchen layout that you can’t imagine how anyone could screw up so badly.
This particular kitchen, which we are in the process of remodeling was just that. With dark cabinets and virtually no natural light, it was almost depressing to walk into.

poor lighting, kitchen before,
poorly lit kitchen

The scope of work for this project included improving the lighting to allow for alternative lighting sources, providing natural lighting, and removing the wall to the left to open the kitchen up to the adjoining family room to provide a more socially friendly atmosphere.
The first step was enlarging the existing window to 8′ wide with a double casement that also provided improved ventilation.
Next we opened up the ceiling to provide a dormer with 3 new awning windows to bring in more natural light.
Dormer, shed dormer, awning windows, natural light, raised ceiling, ventilation
Opening up the kitchen ceiling

The original kitchen also had a very unusual traffic pattern and entrance configuration. That problem was solved by removing the wall and installing a new doorway between the entry and the living room.
This remodel is scheduled to be completed in the next couple weeks and we’ll follow up with photos of the completed project.
Stay tuned.