Green Home Construction

I have always advocated keeping yourself informed in whatever profession you choose to be active in. In trying to stay on top of all of the new trends, technologies, products, and services available in Green Building, I find a fair amount of skepticism out there in reading comments about the craft. I would have to add, “rightfully so” as every new product on the market wants to claim it’s “greenness” based on one thing or another and this creates a lot of consumer confusion.
What is green really? Well, for starters it’s anything that has to do with creating a more sustainable, longer lasting, energy efficient home. It’s about creating a healthier indoor environment by providing better air quality and less off gassing by harmful products that, until only recently, were mainstream in the construction industry.
Consumers should take it upon themselves to research prospective products and technologies before making the investment. There is a wealth of information available on the web including product research backed by scientific data and time tested use.
Fortunately a lot of these products are becoming much more affordable as green building shifts more towards the mainstream. There’s no denying that green building is the wave of the future and is now an accepted practice that is endorsed by the leading industries and enforcement agencies in the field. Most utility companies nation wide offer programs that include significant rebates and incentives for more energy efficient measures. Many of these programs are funded by the Federal Stimulus Funds that are trying to promote awareness and the importance of energy conservation. Some Building Departments offer discounted or expedited permit issuance if certain compliance is met.
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