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Building Materials are on the rise.

With all of the recent disasters we knew it was only a matter of time for building material prices to increase.
I’ve been getting notifications from various resources, including my main lumber supplier, that some products have already increased as much as 18% and many will continue to go up.
The sudden demand for products has manufacturers struggling to keep up.
I’m starting to wonder if stock piling some commonly used materials might be a wise choice.

I was surprised to be getting calls so soon from victims of the Sonoma fires. The wheels are already turning to get those homes,(5,500 from California wildfires at last count), back on the grid. There were 8,400 total structures lost.

Unfortunately not only do the victims have to deal with rising material prices, but the labor shortage has driven labor up significantly as well. The already dire housing shortage in the Bay area has been compounded by the fires with more people without places to live struggle to find “not so affordable” housing.
On the up side there will be more than enough jobs available in the construction industry for those who aren’t afraid of hard work.
Our hearts go out to all of the victims of disasters in Houston, Miami, Puerto Rico, and California. We hope you are able to recover soon.
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