Making Communication Easier with 3D Studio Max

I’ve always been fascinated by the art of photo realistic Architectural Representation. And now
I’ve finally made the commitment to roll up my sleeves and dive into the world of
3D Studio Max and “Arch Viz.”

I’m a General Contractor who specializes in residential remodels and sustainable building.
Over the last 15 years I’ve sort of weaned my way into Architectural drafting. Using various cad, (Computer Automated Drafting), programs, starting with Auto Cad, Architectural Desktop, and now Revit Architecture. All of which are products offered by Autodesk Inc.

Although today’s cad programs are capable of producing 3 dimensional models of my proposed projects,

3 dimensional models
Revit Architecture offers 3d display capabilities.

there are more sophisticated rendering programs today that allow me to apply realistic materials and lighting while casting reflections and shadows. Creating images that are hard to differentiate from actual photos.

Exterior rendering
3d Studio Max exterior rendering.

Autodesk’s recent acquisition of 3d Studio Max software made it very easy for me to add a powerful new weapon to my suite of Design-Build tools.

‘I’ve always advocated anything to do with bringing clarity into the communication process. One thing that has frustrated me over the years is the difficulty in getting clients to have a clear visual of the finished product using only 2 dimensional illustrations.’

Programs like 3D Studio Max,

with it’s robust rendering engine, will allow me to illustrate finished interior and exterior representations. Including furniture, entourage, and whatever other enhancements I choose.

3d Studio Max Interior
Interior renderings can include all the details.

Another great feature of 3D Studio Max is the ability to create photo realistic animations.

I’m sure this will be the determining factor in giving me the edge over competitive bidders in the future.

Although I’m just getting started and the learning curve presents one of my biggest ever challenges, ( I love saying that ), I look forward to showcasing my work in the not so distant future.
Stay tuned.

Here are some links to some great Arch Viz sites. Bowen Studios , CGArchitects

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