The Average Cost of Remodeling??

Sometimes pulling the trigger on that room addition or kitchen remodel can be a little tricky. One roadblock I’m seeing folks run into a lot is this-
The only way to get competitive apples to apples cost estimates from multiple contractors is to be able to provide plans and a detailed scope of work so everyone is clear on what the project involves.
The problem is that most homeowners don’t want to spend thousands of dollars for plans until they have a pretty good idea of what the cost will be. And rightfully so.
And most Contractors are unwilling to provide an estimate they can guarantee without having an itemized plan.
It can be very disappointing having invested a few grand in plans and engineering only to find that your projected remodel cost is half of the actual cost.
Safe to say that if any contractor is willing to provide an estimate for your remodel based on verbal descriptions and a few pictures it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to expect them to deliver on budget.
If you’re unable to provide product specs at the bidding stage you may want to provide an allowance to each bidder for appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring etc. This will assure that everyone is on the same page in the estimating process.
What one person might consider an “Average Kitchen Remodel”, others might consider high end. Be careful using terms like mid grade or middle of the road when describing products as interpretations can vary.
Kitchen appliances can range from $4,000 to $16,000 and the same goes for plumbing fixtures, cabinets, counter tops, and flooring.
I’ve seen cabinet knobs and pulls for $1.50 each and I’ve seen them as high as $150.00 each. Multiply that times 50 and,… well you get it.
Communication is the key to a successful project.
Do your homework before assembling your list of prospective contractors and you will be way ahead of the game when you begin.
Here are a couple of great resources for getting a general idea of what to expect the average remodel cost to be in your area. This is one I posted in and earlier Blog and is updated periodically to reflect economic changes- Remodel Magazine Cost vs. Value
And another great resource is a recent survey by Home Advisor- Home Repair Cost Guide
Both of these are very comprehensive and you can select your geographic area for more accurate projections.

A recently completed kitchen Design and remodel by Hiline Builders Inc.
A recently completed kitchen Design and remodel by Hiline Builders Inc.

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