I’m Proud to Announce my latest accomplishment- LEED® AP for Homes Credentialing

I’m very proud to announce that I just passed the LEED AP for Homes exam.
For those of you who are unfamiliar, LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the largest Green Building Certification body in the world.
My new designation as LEED Accredited Professional for Homes is complimentary to my existing LEED Accredited Professional for Building Design and Construction credential.
This qualifies me to guide clients through the LEED Certification process and participate in LEED Building Design Charrettes for planning and implementation of the LEED Program.
This also allows projects to aquire 1 point towards LEED Certification for having a LEED AP as a member of the project team.
This enables me to participate in certification of commercial or residential projects.

Net Zero Community in Davis Ca.
The West Village Net zero Community, Davis Ca.

I’m looking forward to applying my newly acquired credential and helping to promote the growth and development of the Green Building Movement.
If you’re considering LEED Certification for your next project, call me for a free consultation.
Thank You,
Phil Vanderloo,
916 612-1704

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