Where do we go from here- A Remodeler’s Perspective

One thing is for sure, “Only the Strong will Survive”
As the reality sets in for remodeling pros that this economy isn’t going to come back around any time soon, we begin to realize that the old ways of doing business just aren’t going to work anymore. And those who are unwilling or unable to make the necessary adjustments have already begun to fade away.

Yes, it’s true folks, housing foreclosures are still on the rise and the experts are saying that the end is nowhere in sight.
When half the population is upside down on their mortgages it’s no wonder people are thinking twice about dumping more money into our homes, and who can blame us when less than 40 percent of home renovations bring a positive return on investment.

But, as the old saying goes “When one door closes, another one opens.” This, I believe, is the philosophy we should all embrace. Not just in the construction industry, but in most others as well. There will always be new niches to fill in times like these and the sooner we all quit whining and complaining and sitting around waiting for it to get better, the sooner we can all make the necessary corrections and continue to grow.

I genuinely feel that 2010 has made us all stronger, brought us closer together, and taught us not to take things for granted.
Lets hope 2011 is a better year and that we can get up, dust off, and move forward together.

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