A Collaborative Effort for Green Building Awareness

I recently posted on twitter about how I wished that there was more collaboration between Contractors, Suppliers, Manufacturers, and Sub Contractors in promoting green building awareness. It really needs to be a concerted and collaborative effort.

When green building first started there was a lot of confusion about the concept. There were also many misconceptions about what was truly green and the effects and implications of building more energy efficient, sustainable buildings.

When new trends arise they are often greeted with skepticism and apprehension. As they evolve there are sure to be mixed interpretations and opinions. When these trends start to break into the mainstream and become more accepted then all of the sudden everyone’s slapping green labels on their products and the concept becomes diluted with false claims. As the dust begins to settle and the practice matures, which is where we are now,  we should hope to bring more clarity to the industry and the consumer. Narrow down the regulators so we can all have consistency in our teachings. Those people who have yet to embrace the ideal owe it to themselves to get on board and start learning and promoting.

Green is definitely here to stay and there’s no denying it. And the sooner we all embrace it, practice it, and educate others, the better. Live responsibly and make this world a better place for those who follow.

Phil Vanderloo

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