Room Additions

You know you need the extra space but you’re not sure whether to go out, back, or up. With the availability of 3d conceptual modeling the ability to visualize the concept enables people to manipulate the design and make the necessary adjustments. There’s no more guess work involved on the client end of the design stage. You have peace of mind moving forward knowing you’ve made all the right decisions.

So whether you’re looking for larger existing living areas, added sleeping areas, a craft room, or that elegant master suite, we’ll enable you to view multiple scenarios 3 dimensionally so you can figure out what works best for you.

Building Out vs. Building Up. How do I know which is best?

Generally speaking, expanding on the ground level is much less expensive. Building up, or adding second story additions, often involves reinforcing the foundation to carry the added load. There is usually electrical wiring in the attic that will need to be re-routed if you add on above.
Building up does have advantages in some cases. Homes on smaller lots are often maximizing the allowable space in regards to zoning setback restrictions. This fascilitates the need to add a second story if added space is needed. Another second story advantage is utilization of views.

Is there a standard cost per square footage for room additions?

Not really. First of all there is almost always additional work being done on the existing areas in addition to the added space. There are many variables involved when it comes to adding on. Kitchen and bath additions can be 60%-80% higher per square foot than bedrooms. Having to factor in all of the extra features like tile, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, appliances, and counter tops adds a lot to the square footage price.
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